Parking Lot Information

Information on Parking Fee

Type Contents How to pay fees
Free parking hours Reduction/Exemption
examinations and imaging tests
8hours Medical service information Visitor kiosk
one time registration
receipt evidence
operation day
The day Medical service information
During hospitalization 1-day ticket(10.000 won) Registration
Emergency room, delivery 24 hours Medical service information
Interim payment 2 hours Payment checking
Initial free charge 30 minutes after entering into the parking lot Automatic identification
1,000 won per 15 minutes
(22:00~06:00 next day)
1,000 won in a batch
Upper limit of daily parking fee maximum 30,000 won Fare adjustment window &
automatic fare adjustment machine
Handicapped parking 50% reduction after checking the welfare card Prior adjustment
registration for the disabled
vehicle registation
Vehicles for the mourners Free parking for 5~10 vehicles per mourning house vehicle registation
Venue rental parking coupon For 1 coupon, weekdays 6,000 won / weekends 2,000 won
Official business 2~4 hours delivery, visit, etc
Logistics vehicles Free for 2 hours
(only forshort-time delivery for the day)
Information for cooperation
  • The introduction of the inflammables and dangerous objects and smoking and the use of fire are prohibited in the parking lot.
  • Immediately report to the manager in case when the facilities of the parking lot or other vehicles and instruments are damaged or when your own vehicle has accidents.
  • Please park within the parking stall.
  • Do not leave valuables inside the vehicle, and make sure the doors are locked.
  • Parking fee may vary; the accurate fee is informed by parking management office